Susie Mae Soaps

How it Started

This is my mother, Mrs Susie Mae Jones (1924-2013). I watched her make different crafts for over 40 years. It seems to be something different about soap making day. We lived in  Morgan City Mississippi were Soap day was a community affair. Being about 4 or 5 years old I was very excited about what  was about to happen. We're about to have unlimited pork cracklings and new full bars of soap.
   Fast forward about 50 years, this is where I picked up the craft. In 2019 I began to make my own compost to grow better herbs and vegetables in my patio pot garden.This was such a joy for me. I would research and find some of the plants  my mom and grandmother would grow. I would find the benefits and began to incorporate them into my daily living.
    After a total knee replacement and foot surgery back to back, I couldn't get out to garden much.This lead me to finding something to do inside to keep me busy. I remembered making a quick tumeric soap bars for personal use. So when I couldn't find a satisfying craft to work on I went into the kitchen to make a "Test Kitchen" video and it hit me. I had everything in front of me to make Castile Soap so I made  it. And that's how it all started .
       I've perfected my recipes, changed the oils and studied the many benefits of handmade soaps. My first 400 bars were made without me being able to leave my apartment (accept for doctor's appointments) and on a knee scooter right here in Murfreesboro TN. 
Thanks to God and my loving mom for setting this destination in my life.
Susie Mae Jones